10 Year Old Boy And His Dog Die Together After Being Hit By A Car

Gage & Stitch

A Westland, Michigan boy Gage Carter made headlines after he was hit by a car rescuing his dog Stitch. The pair had been friends for all of Gage's life, leaving him no choice but to rescue his best friend after seeing him in pain.

A Tragic Day

The 10-year-old boy ran from his home into the busy Michigan street after Stitch was struck by a car which drove off after impact. Imagine how devastated his parents were to see both of their loved ones in the road directly in front of their house!

An Old Woman

It turns out a 69-year-old woman was behind the wheel of the car that struck the boy and his dog, but she was not under any influence while driving.

Sit Stitch!

After Stich dashed into the street in front of his house, Gage decided to follow him and ensure he was safe from oncoming traffic. But the moment the little boy ran into the street, they were both struck by the elderly woman.


Following the incident, the pair were both declared dead on the scene. Gage's family is completely distraught after walking out of their home to find the bestfriends both dead in the middle of the street.

RIP Gage & Stitch

Our hearts go out to Gage and Stitche's family, because there's no telling the pain they experienced after witnessing such a traumatic event. Man's best friend (dog) will always be there for him, so it's tragic to see this pair die over a simple mishap. A GoFundMe account was raised for the funeral expenses to say goodbye to the adorable pair, and they raised $26,265 out of an $11,000 goal!

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